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Thread: WII Games for toddlers

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    Question WII Games for toddlers

    Just got a WII and wanted to buy some games for my 2.5 years old.

    Any recommendation?


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    wii sports (which comes with the wii), wii play, maybe wii sports resort. search some games on YouTube and watch the gameplay and see if you will like it

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    Maybe try the bowling in wii sports. My nephew loved that game when he was around that age. It helps if you show them the motion by moving there arm with your arm first untill they get the hang of it. Cow racing in wii play. Check out Endless Ocean or Go Diego Go : safari Rescue.

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    There are a few Dora the Explorer games around. My 3 year old neice loves em.

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    I have a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old, my 2 play 85% of the time, here are the games he was interested in,
    wii sports
    wii sports resort
    wii music
    game party
    just dance ( lol so funny and cute seeing your kid dancing)
    toy story
    all the mario games and sonic games just to name a few
    of course 65% of the time he doesn't know what he's doing but, he's enjoying himself

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    The best game for toddlers is Boom Blox. This game is fun for kids and adults! It is easy enough for children to feel like they won when they knock over the puzzles with bowling balls and baseballs! This is another great game that will provide lots of fun while adding to your child's problem solving skills.

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    their is actually a homebrew game that you can get with the homebrew browser called "kidspaint" and my daughter loves it!! you move the controller and it paints all over the screen.
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