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Thread: WII and D2PRO is killing me

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    WII and D2PRO is killing me

    i just bought a wii.
    i opened it, and it's d2e.
    so i ordered d2pro9 chip for d2e, already soldered onto a wiiclip.
    i installed it, then the red light.. never changes to blue.
    and i can hear the 'inching' sound.
    when i try to put dvd in, it goes inch at a time. so annoying.
    so now i'm trying to return the chip. i paid $70 for it so i expect it to work right out of the box and if it doesn't, i return it.
    i'm not a mod noob as i've modded several consoles before, including ps2, psp etc... this was my first time that something went wrong.

    should i just get the refund for the chip and just go see a local installer?

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    Did you install the D2E compliant D2pro9 which is v3? also has it been updated to 2.3 for actel chip firmware (requires D2prog jtag programmer) and 1.6 Spi Flash (update using DVD).

    There is a lot of information regarding same issue people have had with D2E and D2Pro9. Please look in the D2pro9 section you will find alot of information.

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    before i ordered, i asked the seller which chip i should get.
    he asked me which version i have.
    i told him it's d2e.
    then he told me to order d2pro9 for d2e with wiiclip and even gave me the link.
    and that's what i ordered.
    i can't believe i have to worry about all that stuff.. update to version 2.3 firmware? 1.6 spi flash? what are all those?
    as i mentioned, i paid good money for it, so i expect it to work right out of the box.
    are other modchips the same? there is nothing that i can just install it and it works right away?
    i'm really getting frustrated with d2pro9.
    if there are other chips that aren't so complicated and work right out of the box, i'm returning d2pro9 for another brand of chip.

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    Check with the reseller from whom you purchased the chip and ask them what Actel chip firmware (hopefully 2.3) and SPI Flash (hopefully 1.6) they loaded on the D2pro9 before they sent it to you.

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    ok thanks, i will do that.
    but are there any other chips that are more reliable than d2pro9?
    i've been searching on the web, and it seems like there are a lot of people with the same problem... and this 'inching' problem only seems to occur with d2pro9.
    so if there are more reliable brand of modchips, i think i should try to exchange for it.. what do you think?

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    Herein lies your problem...

    " i expect it to work right out of the box."

    The world doesn't work like that. Update it to 2.3 actel chip firmware (or get your supplier to do it for you) and it will work a charm, and it's not a hassle. It's called "the world of computers" and updating firmware based on different harware revisions designed to catch out modders is not 'unexpected' or 'unreasonable'.

    I had the inching problem, waited patiently for a firmware fix (instead of soldering anything), updated my firmware to v2.3 and it runs a dream. No hassles. The D2Pro9, once installed, is a very good modchip on _any_ hardware revision Wii as long as you find the best firmware for that hardware revision.

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    well, it clearly says 'solderless' chip, so it should NOT need any soldering and that's why i'm so annoyed and frustrated.
    and i buy a lot of hardware.. and 999 times out of 1000, they stick to their product descriptions and work right out of the box..

    and what's this all about? it says if i have d2e, don't update to 2.3???

    Downloads for firmware v2.3 and Utility Disc v1.6 have been made available in the resources section. This update is designed ONLY for d2c and d2c-2 users experiencng either inching or eject issues. Do not use this firmware if you want to use a d2e compliant (blue sticker) d2pro on a drive with a d2e chipset!.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarugetyou View Post
    and what's this all about? it says if i have d2e, don't update to 2.3???
    You have to be sure that yours D2PRO has blue sticker D2E COMPATIBLE. You can't downgrade the firmware to 2.3 because D2E D2PRO has 3.0 firmware, the only one (right now) able to run on D2E Wiis.

    Try also unsoldering CLK on Wiiclip board and solder J wire directly. Sometimes helps. Be sure Wiiclip is installed properly and all Wiiclip pins match D2E pins (it's quite hard to install properly Wiiclips and could be frequently the cause of issues).

    If nothing of this works you have to send D2PRO back. Probably could be defective. You can also replace it with Wasabi v3, another good modchip for D2E.

    Good luck

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    is wasabi d2sun?
    and if i get wasabi, i don't have to solder?
    i don't have any soldering tools at the moment.

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    damn.. so who is right? i am confused.
    so i can't solve this problem buy just putting 2.3 firmware on it?
    there is no way to make this work other than having to solder j wire or whatever?

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