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Thread: How to play both NTSC and PAL?

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    How to play both NTSC and PAL?

    I have a Wiikey. A step by step instruction would be great. Thanks!

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    search the forums, or a quick search on google will fruit you all the knowledge you need.

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    Goto to the following site and download the latest Update (1.9s) & Config disc image (1.9s) for your Wii region. Once you extract the rar file you will have disc image. Read the README and follow the instruction to burn it to DVD and update the Wiikey. Then to play PAL/NTSC games you will need to turn on the Region override option...

    Resources :: :: Official Site of the WiiKey Modchip

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    use freeloader or anyregionchanger by tona.......... google it
    or do what jbloggs said


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