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Thread: D2pro9 problems?

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    D2pro9 problems?

    Hi all,
    We installed our D2pro9 in our wii about 4 weeks ago and it has been working fine, only the occasional problem where the game will crash, we get the black screen, "eject the disc etc" and then we turn it back on and it works fine.

    However i have just played a game, the game crashed, black screen, turned it back on and we get "cannot read the disc", tried a different game and that was the same.

    We thought it was an overheating problem so left it to cool down, turned the wii back on and the game loaded, however within a second we got the black screen and now it won't read the discs anymore.

    Is it a problem with the chip, does it need updating? or is it a problem with the wii, it is still well under warrenty so no problem taking it back.

    I really don't want to have to open the wii again for what seems like the
    100th time, however i will do if i have to.

    Any quick replies but be very grateful.

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    Which version of the d2pro9 do you have, and whats your firmware for the chip at?

    also what is your model of your wii? d2b, d2c etc...

    We can help once we know a little more info

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    Its a d2pro9 version 2, the model of the wii is dc2. How do i find out what the firmware of the chip is?

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    Who installed it? Downlaod the Utility disc 1.6 off d2pro's website and run it in your wii. It will tell you which version your hardware firmware is for the modchip.

    In order to update it though, you will need to take apart the wii again, and use the D2 Programmer which you will need to purchase as well.

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    I've worked out what the problems is, the wii clip is loose so as soon as the wii is moved it unclips.
    Do you know of anyway to make it more secure? can i use any sort of tape maybe?

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    You can try to use a double sided sticky tape.

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    you can secure it with electrical tape even or some people use hot glue. Hot glue is good in the sense it secure it and is still easy to remove later on provided its not heated too much. a low heat gluegun works best.
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