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Thread: The Next Call Of Duty to Be Set in Vietnam?

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    The Next Call Of Duty to Be Set in Vietnam?

    Looks like the Call of Duty people are finally done with the FPS go-to that is World War II and have moved on to the Vietnam War.

    According to VG247, Activision is casting for motion capture and voice actors and if you read the character descriptions, Vietnam’s mentioned a couple of times.

    Another change is the fact that Infinity Ward isn’t doing the next Call of Duty.

    Treyarch – who did World at War – is handling development [along with Activison startup Sledgehammer] on the still unnamed Call of Duty game. One thing we do know is that the game is set to hit shelves November of this year and will be influenced by Platoon and Apocalypse Now [both awesome films].

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    that might be for pc, but just look at how long it took to get call of duty modern warfare to wii....

    anyone know if COD MW2 will be released on wii???

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    I think they might release COD: Modern warfare 2 on the wii. But it'll be a lot later just like how we got reflex. I think it'll be over 1 year from now... If it does get released.
    I am having fun with Modern warfare:reflex though!

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    What Activision did to Infinity Ward was outrageous (you can read the whole story on IGN). But the stupid thing that will happen to the CoD franchise will be the fact that the future game isn't a FPS anymore, it will be 3rd person action game. And so on, another great game franchise will rest in peace. Thank you, Activision!

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    its a shame it won't come out quicker.... its the only game which i enjoy playing on the wii...

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    Looks like we will get another COD this year.
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    well, since Treyarch are releasing Black Ops this year, your obviously completely wrong about the vietnam thing, unless they do like a flash back to 40 years ago?

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