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Thread: Does a loose bluetooth module causes black screen?

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    Does a loose bluetooth module causes black screen?

    So i'm about to buy a broken wii from someone who claims it doesnt work after he dropped it. The thing is that after he dropped it, his wiimotes doesnt connect to the console anymore and it doesnt display anything when he turns it on. Just a black screen. So does a loose bluetooth module cause black screen after powering up the wii? I assume I can fix this blackscreen issue after adjusting the module.

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    a faulty or disconnected bluetooth will cause a black screen. However a signal is send to the screen.
    A low level brick could also cause that NO signal is send to the screen.
    With a faulty / disconnected bluetooth you are always able to get in the rescue menu. So try that first when you get your hands on this wii
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    Green light is on. DVD drive flashes. Blue screen. Had nand backup but does not load to bootmii, tried preloader (holding down reset while turning on) and also tried a savemii all to no avail. Suspect bluetooth module. Didn't drop it. Recently rehacked from 4.3 back to 4.1 using guide from wiihacks and was working fine for a couple of days. Any thoughts.


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