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Thread: Unable to sync during homebrew

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    Unable to sync during homebrew

    as the name implies, I use the homebrew channel to boot my apps, but when i try to run an app like the wad manager, i lose sync, and it will not resync at all, forcing me to shut it off and try again, to the same results.

    apps that do this:
    wad manager 1.5
    Configurable usb loader
    custom ios38 installer 14
    cIOS 222/223 installer v4

    some wads don't even load
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    could be a bad boot.dol file. have you tried getting a new boot.dol for the apps?

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    yeah. still happens. probably gonna turn my wii back to a virgin and start anew.

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    try doing a fresh paring of the wiimote and the wii from the main menu.... they try again.... (take batteries out and then back and pair again)

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    runnning pimp my wii and hoping that fixes any problems that i might have.

    it worked, temporarily. now i have another problem. i get an error when trying to add wiiware games to my wii using WAD Manager 1.5. it goes into where i have my games fine, but i get the error ret - 1029 when i try to add any more games, other than that, the same stuff happens.
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