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Thread: WII wont eject6 discks or take them in.

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    WII wont eject6 discks or take them in.

    hi my daughter pulled the wii off the side today now it waint eject or owt lyk that as any1 got any ideas as it turns the wii on pressing the eject button

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    Most common cause of DVD drive failure (after wear and tear) is dropping the console on its side while in use. I always keep external HDD drives and consoles (playstation, wii) on the 'flat' side down.

    If you can open it up I would have a fiddle with the plastic eject mechanisms (very lightly with a screwdriver tip) to see if it gets freed up. Failing that....

    Easiest fix is to get yourself a replacement drive from fleabay (around 31 delivered from hong kong)

    If you had an older drive that could read DVD-R then you will have to replace the motherboard from the old drive over to the new one if you still need that capability, theres a guide in one of the tutorial sections to replace the drive. If you need to replace the motherboard you will need to do a bit of deoldering/soldering. I have ordered some desoldering braid and will be attempting this in the next week or so and can reply here to tell you how easy/difficult it was.
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