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Thread: updated which chip

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    updated which chip

    ok here are the numbers on the inside
    gc2d1a and gc2d2c

    so exactly what does this make my wii and will the chips work that were posted in the other thread? and is the d2 whatever chip the only one that I can use the clip with and not have to sauder?

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    ok I see a wasabi that in solderless for d2c2 which is me .. ? right?
    i dont hardly read of any issues with the wasabi and see some issues with the d2pros?

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    Wasabis require the 1 solder point for d2c wiis.

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    d2pro9 with wii clip is completely solderless. wasabi needs soldering, even the one that that comes with the clip. as your wii is d2c i suggest you by the d2prog at the same time, its not much more cost and does allow you to keep updated with firmware if the need arises


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