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Thread: OHHH My God !!!

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    OHHH My God !!!

    Just bought this board from ebay, i think there might be a hardware problem lol
    Anyone know what these component values are ?
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    R3 and R186 will be resistors. C7 and C8 are capacitors.

    The solder seems to have run from the larger capacitor to the smaller capacitor and resistor, this could be what has blown the resistor. Some PCB resistors have the rating stamped on them, so you could actually replace but it looks like these don't.

    Not sure what RA9 would be, but that doesn't look so damaged.
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    Nice one lol. I have to agree with Tealc about resistors and caps. RA might be resistor array, but it doesn't look damaged.

    C7 looks undamaged, C8 might still work, but both R8 and R186 are 100% blown.

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    Thanks for the replies, I have a spare wii i fixed from ebay could i de-solder the resistors from that to get the values (hot air rework station coming next week, lol) and just replace ?
    Also fuse FIL1 has gone so would it still work if i took one from one of the gamecube ports ?
    Lastly RA9 is a resistor array and is an easy fix, its just a solder bridge that needs taking out, solder wick is great lol

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    You don't have to desolder them, you just fire up your multimeter, set it to ohms and just put one end to one side and the other end to other side. Then just order matching replacement ones from some electronics parts store. About FIL1, do you have an idea what value it was? If the fuses on gamecube ports are same value, then yes it would still work. Also keep in mind that regular fuse != fast one. RA9 doesn't look damaged to me, after all it doesn't seem to be in direct electrical contact with your solder crash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnyz View Post
    You don't have to desolder them, .
    wouldnt that give me a false reading ?
    wouldnt that measure the board resistance too ?

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    Not. Because there is no other way with less resistance, and power always goes the way with least resistance. (If there WAS a way with less resistance, it would not make sense to put a resistor there.)

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    you should always attempt to isolate a resistor before testing it in a circuit, many things could give false readings.

    If you are testing in-situ, use a digital Multimeter with an output voltage of less than 0.6v. Also be aware of false readings due to parallel resistors in a circuit.

    It is MUCH more reliable to remove them first.

    Basically, testing on board will not give you a 100% accurate result, even with the best isolation and best meter.

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    Really? I think parallel resistors do not make sense, could be wrong... If there was 1k and 1.5k resistor in parallel, all the power would flow all thru the 1k one. Anyway, I don't see such something on the photo.

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    Davepm is right, the only way to accurately test a resistor is to completely isolated from the the rest of the board. That means disconnecting it from a least one end.

    If you had a 1k resistor in parallel with a 1.5k, 60% of your power would go through the 1k and 40% would go through the 1.5k.
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