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Thread: cIOS36 to IOS249 Freezes, At the first menu, I select IOS249 and hit a and it freezes

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    cIOS36 to IOS249 Freezes, At the first menu, I select IOS249 and hit a and it freezes

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    OK, to the problem...

    I'm wanting to install cIOSCorp but I need to install the cIOS36 rev 14 to IOS249. I even did a restore with bootmii and a system format, but it still freezes everytime I hit A on the first menu screen. I also took the steps to downgrade and restore IOS15. I've tried different sources, and formatted SD cards and no luck.
    I'd appreciate any help I can get. (also, I can't install .wads using the IOS249 anymore, but I used to be able to before I formatted my Wii and started the Trucha Bug stuff. Thanks!

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    Restoring your backup seems to have reverted your Wii to a pre-cIOS state. Use TBR process to patch IOS36 to install cIOS38 rev whatever. Run and post a signcheck if you'd like to clarify your situation. Or use DOP-IOS Mod. Whichever works really.
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    I restored my Wii so it would go back to when it was in the pre cios state, I did retry the tbr, then the cios installer and I got the same results. I even did a format after that.

    Though I know some stuff, I don't know what a signcheck is and am not very familiar with DOP-IOS Mod.

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