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Thread: Modchip confusion

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    Modchip confusion

    um i hav this problem
    i had my wii chiped in asia
    and i dont know wat chip is in it
    the games i burn work 50% of the time
    if they dont work i press reset and they start to work
    im guessing its a really bad chip
    anyone no which one it is
    im hoping to upgrade firmware so mario kart will work

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    best way is if you can open it up. you can try a few update discs from some modchip companies, try wiikey one first as its most common but a lot of early fakes dont update so maybe it wont work. Best way is if you can open it up and check.
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    i say u either have a wiikey or any of the d2pro series.
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    i burnt the images onto the dvd's
    but my wii keeps saying either the one where it cant read the disc
    or the system files corrupted
    is my wii semi bricked
    my old backups work fine

    but how am i suppossed to use the update disc's

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    if i am right it is probly a wiikey but not shure best way is open it up and then try some updates

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    I definately recommend opeing it up. It will be the best way to tell what it is for sure without the guesswork.


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