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Thread: help a girl in need

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    No one can fix!!!

    Watch Please
    If you can help please e-mail me

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    goto setting on priiloader and choose ios 36


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    You could start by posting and/or looking through the wii brick issues only section of the forum.
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    and do what is what i ment

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    i have tryed, been through everything i could find read many issues this is my last hope

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    post in the bricked wii thread. Stop spamming and replying to your own posts. Make a proper descriptopn of the problem, wii version, what you have installed, last thing you did before this happened.

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    No one can fix!!!

    I made a nand back up and then proceeded.. I have homebrew channel and preloader; can only be started by holding down reset while powering up. I believe that i loaded the preloader before I installed iso 60 patched. wad and before I updated to 4.1 (wii was 3.4) . when I made the mistake it allowed me to go back and do all the steps to complete process, but when i went to play a game, the wii loaded a currupted files message that was hard to read
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    Banner brick. You installed a bad wad. If it's from a game disc you inserted it's probably one of those useless channels some of them install.

    You'll need to boot into WAD Manager or Any Title Deleter and delete the relevant WAD that is causing you trouble.

    Use Preloader>HBC>WAD Manager if it's a WAD Channel you installed.

    Use Preloader>HBC>Any Title Deleter if it's a game channel that was installed. Post a list of your installed channels if you like, before you delete anything.

    Do NOT delete any IOS or System Menu .wad, or JODI/HAXX locations.
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    you can't delete the system menu. wad. When my Wii was bricked and I was so frustrated I was willing to try anything I tried to delete the system menu. It said it would not allow it. I was using Wad Manager.

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