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Thread: MPlayer CE rev 567

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    MPlayer CE rev 567

    Hi guys, I just installed mplayer rev567 minutes ago everything works fine. but there's one thing i need help, (i searched on google and yes i did search here too) im wondering if there's a possibility that i can make mplayer display chinese characters? meaning i have video named in Chinese.


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    c'mon..nobody knows??? T.T

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    It's not very likely, unless some of the makers of Mplayer CE are Chinese or something. Do they even have German, French, Italian versions? No idea.
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    rely? when i google about this there were few chinese wii forums that talked about this, the older versions of mplayer displays Chinese correctly under the menu. so im just wondering if the config file has to be modified or something. its just annoying if i have to rename the chinese files and it'll be hard to read in alphabets.

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