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Thread: Pleomax Samsung DVD-R?

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    Ca Pleomax Samsung DVD-R?

    Hey guys, just wanted to know, i purchased a box of 25 discs of Pleomax DVD-R, its from Samsung and i burned Res 4 Wii edition and it worked , but then i think the discs was damaged, and so i made another. After a while i think it didn't work or i think i tried burning again but the wii wouldn't recognize. To test it out i entered my other dvds that are sony's DVD-Rs and they work perfectly fine.But the Pelomax don't work for some reason, or at least with REs 4. I burned it at *2 speed the first time and then all the other times i burned it on automatic i think , which burned the game at *1 to time 4 or 5. I use Image Burn by the way, the best program ever, no problems , i recommend it. Well anyway , do you guys know what i should do. I believe my wii is modded with the d2dc Pro 9 chip, the latest ? Well anyway, i just don't know why it failed , but i downloaded res 4 then i opened the win rar file and it said res 4 iso and so i extracted it and then burned it. Did i do anything wrong. DId anyone use these discs before. Why did it work once and not work again ? Can someone please help and investigate? PLEASE

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    easy to solve, go buy yurself a pack of 25-100 verbatims. I use these as recommended on this site.

    burned at 8 speed, i've only had 2 failures on almost 100 discs.

    btw im using a dodgey old dvd writer, that only manages 6x with any disc, 10.5 mins, disc done, works everytime bar two.

    on the plex discs, try burning a diffrent image, if the result is the same, wii aint happy with yur plex discs.


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