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Thread: No Mario Galaxy until Christmas 2007?

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    No Mario Galaxy until Christmas 2007?

    Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has said that North American gamers can expect Mario's first Wii adventure, Super Mario Galaxy in shops between the end of March and next Christmas, in an interview with

    The Nintendo boss also revealed when we can expect the next "meaty adventure" game for Wii Metroid Prime: Corruption, which will apparently arrive with the next batch of big releases following WarioWare: Smooth Moves and Wii Play in January, and Mario Party 8 in March.

    In the interview Reggie also commented on Nintendo's plans for Virtual Console releases, explaining that "on every Monday, you can expect between one and five titles... essentially on an ongoing basis," So at the very least we'll have one Mario game to play before next Christmas, old or new.

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    Boo.. I can't wait that long!

    I guess they want it to be the best game it can be, just like Zelda when they kept delaying the game..

    Oh well, at least Zelda can tide me over!

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    Yes, although Zelda was intended for the game cube so the grfx aren't there.. Mario Galaxy should look pretty sweet.

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    My guess would be summer (late June or early July). By then the launch mania will have died down so it will be time to boost the publicity again. Plus kids will be out of school. I just don't want them to rush it though. I'd rather play a perfect Mario in December than a flawed Mario in March.

    And what about the new Paper Mario? It's sort of dropped out of sight it seems.

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    better come out soon my dad would love to play the next gen mario game haha, he is pro at super mario bros 3 since i was a little kid

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    Eh! I was waiting for more first party title before buying a Wii! Guess I will have to wait a bit longer! I want more Mario titles!!!

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    Mario Galaxy is one of my most anticipated titles! I guess I can forget about it for a while now.

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    I still remember salivating over mario 64 and freaking when I got 128 stars....I hope this revolutionizes platformers.

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    At least there will be a bunch of other games to keep us busy until then right?
    But damn that's a long time. Hopefully they can speed things up a litte.

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    Next Christmas?! I hope it comes out sooner...what's a new nintendo system without Mario?

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