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Thread: NeoGamma R8 RC1 question please help!!

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    NeoGamma R8 RC1 question please help!!

    okay i dont know if im posting this in the right place or not if not really sorry so my problem is that my brother had installed action replay for the Gamecube back ups on my wii, and he said it showed something about the ios249 rev 14 so i dont really know about that but my Neo Gamma r7 rev14 stopped playing GC back ups so i installed the neogamma r8 rc1 hoping to play my GC back ups on that but i cant can someone help me please! and thank you.

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    use Gamecube Backup Launcher (either XI or v0.2). you will need to install some files. check out this thread for more info:

    |Neogamma|Gamecube Backup Launcher|USB Loader GX|Priiloader|Drivekey|

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    see i have a gamecube back up launcher but most of my GC games are multi-game isos and when i try to load it from the GC back up launcher the screen goes black and white and flickers.

    ps. thank you very much.

    pss. i went on that link and when i clicked the download button it said this to me "rayo55, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons".
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