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Thread: Help getting backups to load and play correctly.

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    Question Help getting backups to load and play correctly.

    Hey, I have a soft-modded Wii but I cannot get it to load MadWorld correctly. Whenever I try to load it on NeoGamma without changing any settings, the game plays perfectly just in black and white. In order to fix this I changed the video to NTSC, turned patch video to all, and turned VIDTV Patch and Patch Country Str. to Yes. When I do that it fixes it and loads the game with color, but makes the screen shake very violently.
    I also downloaded Resident Evil 4 Wii edition and it plays fine when I change it to the settings mentioned above. Is the problem with the ISO itself, or the burn, or am I missing something else that I need to run the game? I am running NeoGamma R7, IOS249 (Rev 14) and I'm still pretty new to all this stuff so and help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Try to upgrade you neogamma... Here are links to Neogamma channels

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    Generally you'd use FORCEPAL or FORCENTSC when playing an out of region game. The country string almost never comes into play. Try just one of those first.

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    Yeah, I tried the updated NeoGamma but it didn't help. I did download a NTSC version of madworld and it ran the way it should. Thanks for the advice!

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