Does anyone know if theres been any development on a homebrewn internet browser? I sat down with the internet channel today (Out of sheer boredom) and well.. mostly youtube is the only streaming site that supports flash 7. The quality isn't too much to brag about either. Why haven't ninty implemented flash 9 or even 10? Not possible? Not caring to do so?

I would imagine that someone with the sufficient skills could make a browser like that if flash 9/10 is possible to implement anyways. Sfwdec for instance? (Linux).. some of the knowledge about linux ports to wii is already there, and (Not that i know that much about ports and coding) but since linux is on the rise for wii systems already, shouldnt a mere internet browser with flash 9/10 be easy compared? (For instance Konqueror, a linux open source internet explorer)

Internet Channel sucks for streaming videoes and running flash 8-10 in general. Is there a better alternative?