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Thread: Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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    Does this sound familiar to anyone?

    Running Wiikey2 (just installed and got it to boot/config) on a D2C USA Wii. I downloaded NSMB unscrubbed from torrent and burned game to disc. I put the game in the disc slot and did the disc update, restarted, updated again (was required to run game), and then was able to play. Turned off console for the evening, came back and now my Wii is completely shot. I turn on the Wii and it stays hung up after the safety screen. It will work properly in the safe mode (pressing + and - at start), but only then will it work. Tried removing Wiikey and everything and nothing is happening. Just wanting to know if anyone has seen this and can make a recommendation?

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    are you sure it was unscrubbed and are you sure that it was in your region?
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    Absolutely! I can message you the link if need be. Might just be an old system crapping out though. *shrugs* It was having some boot problems and video problems before I had the freezing issue. If that's what it is, then at least that will be a relief that i didn't destroy it.


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