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Thread: Photo Dojo!! DSI

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    Photo Dojo!! DSI

    Quote Originally Posted by Game Hunter
    One of the quirkiest offerings at Nintendo's recent media event in San Francisco was Photo Dojo, a download-only title available this spring for Nintendo DSi and the super-sized DSi XL.

    As the name suggests, Photo Dojo -- which is already available in Japan (as Photo Fighter) -- takes advantage of the portable systems' digital camera (and microphone) to create a fun and funny fighting game.

    Here's how it works: launch Photo Dojo and have a friend pose for 13 pictures by lining up their humorous pose inside of a dotted template. Follow the instructions on getting them to punch, kick, keel over, and the like. Snap the picture when you like what you see and save it. Then you can choose a fighting style from a list of options.

    Now, it's time to record 10 sound effects, such as taunts and surrenders, and give your player a name. Up to eight profiles can be saved.

    Then it's time to fight. The basic side-scrolling brawler has you moving from left to right, taking on numerous opponents who you'll recognize as friends, family or even pets. There is a bit of white around each character's cut-out bodies, which looks a little odd, but you'll still get a kick out of this personalized fighter. You can also choose a background of your choice based on a photo you've taken with the DSi or DSi XL.

    You can jump, kick, punch, execute combos or a "desperation move" while taking on opponents. You can tap to grow your fighter into a giant-sized version of yourself for boss battles –- all the while hearing the taunts and dialogue you recorded, along with silly sound effects. The voices often overlap, though, which could make it difficult to hear everything clearly.

    Photo Dojo offers a single-player campaign as well as a versus mode. While we didn't get a chance to test out multiplayer, two players can challenge one another on the same Nintendo DSi or DSi XL by sharing controls: one on the touch-screen and the other utilizing the D-pad and buttons.

    Based on how well it's selling in Japan, this quirky "E10+"-rated game could become a cult hit when it debuts on the DSi Shop this spring. Nintendo did not give a price or specific launch date. (Via Game Hunters)
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    I'm interested

    hmmm, kinda makes me want a DSi

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    Crisp, clear, beautiful graphics,


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