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Thread: Nintendo Files Patent - DSi Software

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    Nintendo Files Patent - DSi Software

    Nintendo files Patent for Touchscreen Steering Wheel

    Quote Originally Posted by Electronista
    Nintendo has filed for a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a touchscreen steering wheel software controller for its DSi handheld. The patent would display the top half of a steering wheel on the bottom DSi screen, which users could turn with their fingers instead of the hardware buttons.

    The interface would allow gamers to hold the steering wheel and steering angle at a certain angle much easier than doing the same using the buttons alone. The steering wheel could also be turned by dragging a stylus back and forth on the touchscreen. The technical drawing also indicates that a new combination strap and thumb-stylus is being developed just for the interface.

    The abrupt change could, however, make it more difficult for gamers to get used to, at least initially. Whether this reflects a real product or just a concept isn't known. [Via - Electronista]

    IMG - 2

    This will be interesting if we see this on the new XL with Mario Kart....

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