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Thread: OK,what about a Wii with 3.4?

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    Question OK,what about a Wii with 3.4?

    OK,what about a Wii with 3.4?

    OK,I have found a friend to trade me with a Wii that's about 1 and 1/2 years old,has NEVER been updated/softmodded/hardmodded/or HBC'd.This is a "virgin" Wii system.Will my DriveKey 2.0 play backups in this unit?And if so,should I ever allow it to update?Is there a list of games that I won't be able to play in it because it will demand an update,and if it does,is it ok to let it update on an older Wii as long as I have the DriveKey 2.0,or will I still need to softmod as well?
    Again,folks,thanks a million for any help you can give.I've been an FTAer for a long time and am experienced when it comes to modding stuff,but this Wii has got me boggled.I just want my kids to be able to play their backups of a few sports/family games as we really enjoy playing together,but don't enjoy the part where we have to keep buying copies of the same games.Any help or advice that I could offer as a novice,I will freely give.

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    It should play in this older unit. Just avoid 4.2 update (Endless Ocean 2 at time of posting) and things should be fine for a while. Other updates on a hard modded Wii will be fine. If you leave it on 3.4 you will not likely be able to play games from the last 12 months, at least. Softmod can cure any missing IOS, but then why bother with a Drivekey? Softmod and get a USB HDD, everybody's happy.

    The Wii may be able to have a nice bootmii/boot2 install, if it's 18 months old then it may be just around the time of the vunerable boot1 fix. Bootmii/boot2 is the best brick protection you can have on Wii.
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