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    hey all. 29 yr old father of 4 here. Avid Wii player, although my game library is sorely lacking. I've played Zelda, RE4, wii play, wii sports, boomblox, wario smooth moves, GH3, and we just picked up American Idol (my daughter has a great voice and it was for her) last night. I would say my favorites so far are Zelda and RE4, although I do enjoy firing up some GH now and then and also staying in for a night of bowling with the wife. I came here just looking to see the potential of the system, as I know it is capable of a lot more than what it does straight out of the box.

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    Hi blaik79, Welcome to the WiiHacks community full of Wiisdom. You will find a lot of helpful information here so do spend some time reading and searching.


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