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Thread: cover floader

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    cover floader

    I was able to intall it right it plays all the game but when I try to download the covers it looks like it's downloading but when it's all finish there is no covers on the games what do I need to do any help would be appriciated thanks.

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    Are you using 3D covers by any chance? I have found that the 3D option it is missing a lot of covers. Try going into the Settings menu, and then graphics, and change the covers from 3D to 2D (or whatever the option is called), let them download, and hopefully that will work.

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    Check out wiiflow and CFG USB Loader I find them much better then coverfloader and GX.

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    cover floader

    try changeing the 3d to 2d but there is no potion for the 2d only covers so i did the covers only and still won't download any new ideas to try thanks. one more thing wiiflow and CFG is this a proggram and if it is can I just intall it in the wii?

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    Yes wiiflow and CFG loader are other USB loaders. You can get them here. USB Loader Releases - WikiTemp

    Just download and place the folder with boot.dol in your apps folder and the remaning folder with covers/themes/config settings etc. on the root of your SD.


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