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Thread: Wanting to change to USB Loader GX after mod.

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    Wanting to change to USB Loader GX after mod.

    I modded my wii with this program. Nintendo Wii (Soft Mod up to 4.2 and Extras) torrent - Game fixes/patches torrents - Games torrents - The World's Largest BitTorrent System I used it before I was aware of this site. Everything works fine. I'm on version 4.2u and load games via USB from my External HDD through Neo Gamma R7.

    My question is, after doing some searching I think that USB Loader GX is easier to customize. I can't even seem to get cover artwork on Neo Gamma. I would like to change over. I don't know how to do it.

    If anyone can tell me how to load USB Loader GX or maybe even a guide on how to customize Neo Gamma 7 it would be greatly appreciated. I have searched for setup customizing on Neo to no avail. I just want to make my loading screen more professional looking with Covers and artwork.

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    Look, first off we don't support another site's tutorial/guide. That being said, if you have access to wad manager on your Wii (it'd be on the SD card) you can download a wad version and install it as a channel (can be sourced from here).

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    I understamd not supporting another sites tutorial. It's not that sites though. It is a person just like you and I who just uploaded a tutorial somewhere that was indexed to a torrent site which we all can use. None the less, I can understand the hesitation in wanting to help. I will try what you have said and look elsewhere if I can't figure it out. My apologies.

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    find it here, put it in your apps & load it through the homebrew channel, oh & if there is a read me file inside "Read it first" -
    HTML Code:
    Wii system on 4.2e, Darkwii Red Theme, Boot2, Preloader, Pimp My Wii, Wiiflow, Gamecube Loader 0.2 & Triiforce

    Hope ive helped, in return please help me & push that "THANKS" button


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