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Thread: Help Wii will not turn on! What to do?

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    Help Wii will not turn on! What to do?

    Today my power has been going on and off due to a snow storm. Now the power is back on and the Wii will not turn on. I have no other cords to test till tomorrow, (that will be when my friend can come over with his cords) so what do I do?

    If I have to send it in to Nintendo what do I do about it being modded.

    It is Soft modded, it has Neogamma channel, Backup channel, Pokemon battle royal (which I did not buy -- (glad i didnt) and Homebrew channel.

    I guess, I am hoping someone will say it will be alright but knowing my luck it wont, so if not the cords then the system shorted out but what do I do?

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    first of all were you doing any kind of ios install when it died?? or system update??

    if not you should be ok the ac or dc adaptor can cope with big spikes of power so hopefully when ur mates turn up with new power unit it should fire up!!
    do u have nand back up??

    if you get no power to unit from your friends cord i'm guessing u've blown internal fuse, to hard to explain replacement and yes nintendo will charge alot of extra money to fix, even then they might not even touch it my friend deleted main ios didnt have nand and sent for repair nintendo told him to bacially fuck off before he was took to court for copyright infringement there really shitty about modding now better to find repair shop in your area
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