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Thread: Help Me Unbrick my wii please.

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    Help Me Unbrick my wii please.

    Hey, I decided I wanted to get my wii to an unmodded state, so I followed the directions in this tutorial: at step C)
    "Next load up AnyTitle Deleter, select IOS36 as the one it should run with and delete any IOS that has a number greater than 200. DO NOT DELETE ANY OTHER IOS WITH IT!"
    I didnt know how to uninstall with anytitledeleter, so I used the wad manager and manually uninstalled all the wads that I knew I had installed before. Thats where I stopped, and now when I turn on my wii, I cant boot to the system menu, but I can boot to homebrew. I was unable to restore my nand, because I was getting an error saying the dump was for another wii. I even tried to edit the nand files with another tutorial i found somewhere, but it hasnt helped either. How do I get my wii working again?

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    what system menu were you on? have you uninstalled a wad with ios60 in it?

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    If you really want assistance with this issue, your best place to post is here in the Bricked Wiis only section.

    Edit: well a mod moved this thread to its proper section, so now maybe you'll get the assistance you require.

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    i was on menu 4.1u, downgraded to 3.2u like the tutorial told me to, and then i updated to 4.1u again with the updater. After that, since the tutorial wasnt super clear, I just uninstalled all the wads that I had on my sd card. I uninstalled IOS55-64-v5149 IOS53-64-v5149 IOS50-64-v4889 IOS38-64-v3867 IOS60-patched. should i reinstall those cios?
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    I uninstalled ....IOS60-patched
    There's your problem.

    A 4.1 Wii trying to run without it's System IOS.

    Unless you have bootmii/boot2 you cannot recover this.
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    I do have bootmii/boot2. Like i said, I can get to the homebrew channel. Would it cause more problems if i re-installed the cios that i uninstalled? or should I try it and see if that fixes it

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    reinstall ios60 since that's the sysmenu ios
    never delete that, and always just follow the guide you're using
    ATD is just a homebrew app, if you would've downloaded it and started it, it would've been pretty straight forward what you should've done
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