Official Press Release

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Nintendo Co. Ltd. made a press announcement today in Melbourne.

A big range of products, including A larger DSi, the DSi XL with a 4.2-inch screen, a new black Wii and colored controllers and Capcom's game Monster Hunter Tri bundled with a classic controller, was unveiled by the company.

Marketing Director Greg Arthurton presented a recap of 2009, which included the fact that Wii dominated the Australian/New Zealand marketplace, garnering a best-ever 58 percent market share during 2009.

Before the announcement, there was much speculation among the fans over the release of new games in the Metroid, Super Mario, Legend of Zelda and Pikmin franchises.

Criticizing the lack of a new Metroid game, Mark Serrels, Editor of Official Nintendo Magazine, said, "And that's it folks. Sorry about that. Bit of a disappointment".

The Monster Hunter Tri offers one of the best visual Wii experiences. It showcases a living, breathing ecosystem where humans co-exist with majestic monsters that roam both dry land and brand new sub-aqua environments.

Monster Hunter Tri can be played online. The player can hunt together with a friend on one Wii in split-screen mode. Nintendo has mentioned that this game is specially designed for the fans of the Zelda series, and there is certainly an element of the Zelda style to MHT.