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    how do you install cIOS rev17? Ive tried everything I can think of and looked on the softmods for dummies and its to Rev14 so Im getting rather annoyed
    please help

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    Let me google that for you Did you try doing this?

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    yeah I did
    Google generally isnt helpful though. you want to find me a link which works or guide me through it personally?
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    Wow...The second link has a download link for it right there at the top (along with several other links on the first page alone). Goggle is VERY helpfull, try taking a couple of extra seconds of your time, after all it is your wii no? If your not willing to do the work in finding links for yourself what makes you think anyone else will want to help you?

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    there is a wad of cIOS rev17 out there. Just can't remember where i got it....... sorry. Its what i used
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