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Thread: how do you get wii points 4 free

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    Thumbs up how do you get wii points 4 free

    please tell me

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    you can redeem your wii stars for wii points. (you can earn wii stars by registering your licensed products to club nintendo)

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    Quote Originally Posted by conz View Post
    please tell me
    You don't need wii points when you have homebrew

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    Ok first off most people know that to get "free" Wii points most people would reffer you to one of those scam sites where you fill out surveys then get "free" prizes. Well I am one to tell you that they almost never work and when they do they call you non stop for all the offers if you use your real number which is the best and worst idea. Just either get homebrew through Twilight Hack etc. or save up your money and buy yourslef some Wii points. Don't bet on getting free Wii points, but you could also try asking for people to gift if you return the favor but most people don't go for that.


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