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Thread: Help! WII Bricked after i tried to install IOS60patched to the system.!!

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    Help! WII Bricked after i tried to install IOS60patched to the system.!!

    Hello everybody.

    I just bricked my wii after i tried to install IOS60patched to the system.

    At first it can preload to homebrew so i uninstalled the IOS60patched via wad manager v1.5

    but when it rebooted the screen gone black and nothing happen when i push reset+power button,

    so i tried to follow the Fully Brick, Bootmii/boot2 installed but No Nand Backup? Solution Here! tutorial,

    it didn't work too,my wii still cant read anything from sd and cant go to preload too

    My Wii is KOR-40(B) and have 4.1U FW.
    Somebody please help me, is there still hope on my wii?

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    I simply say: Why do not you read this before!
    Brick Prevention- Things you should never do

    Never....ever, ever:

    Never uninstall your system menu
    Your wii will not work very well without a system menu.

    Never uninstall your system menu ios
    Ios30, Ios50, Ios60, Ios70

    Never uninstall any ios less the 200.
    Ios files under 200 are important to the wii, it is very important you will brick. Never ever uninstall.
    3.2E, Wiikey1 1.99, SD:1gb/HD:320gb, BootMii@Boot2, HBC 1.1.2, PriiLoader 0.8beta4, cIOSx r21 d2x-v10beta53, CFG USB Loader Mod v70r65, WiiMC 1.3.4
    Brick Prevention- Things you should never do
    Guide: Softmod ANY Wii

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    doesn't installing the sys menu and ios60 again work ?
    can you acces the savemiifrii menu ? (holding down all four directions of the direction pad on a modded gcn controller) it should show you're sys menu and region

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    im really already sorry now , T_T yeas i didn't read the thread before.

    reason i updated to IOS60patched because i read it from somewhere that it could help wii play wii .wad game on SD and it seems working ok wt everybody so i did it.

    and i cant access to the savemiifrii menu too - -*

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    from all i read the patched ios60 has caused alot of problems, and since you have an korean wii, you should've been extra carefull since those wii's have better security's
    but no bootmii boot2.. did you have pre-loader/priiloader ? if yes does it still work ? if yes try installing the 4.1u ios60 from shadow sonic's guide ''fullbrick bootmii/boot2 no nand back-up solution here'' through preloader with wadmanager
    if not how old was you're wii ? (i don't know korean SN :P )
    otherwise said, were you able to install bootmii as boot2 while running the hackmii installer ?
    then it should be able to be fixed with an infectus

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    i just bought it for 2 month and ive tried ''fullbrick bootmii/boot2 no nand back-up solution here'' guide already but it not works.

    it seems like my wii cant read or install anything from sd too.

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    2months, then u probly won't have a vulnurable boot1... so the infectus won't work either
    u could try this
    to unbrick you will need a modchip for sure if you don't have pre-loader/priiloader or bootmii boot2 or even as ios (otherwise u could've tried cBoot2) and the savemiifrii doesn't work
    or u will need to send it back to nintendo (but they will charge you extra if they find traces of homebrew)

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    Your WII is Bricked!

    I've done the same , Before coming to this site.

    Wait for Mauifrog This Modder is Great when it comes to brick WII's.

    Good Luck.

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    Korean Wiis do not have a vunerable boot1.

    Without IOS60 you have no recovery menu and no way to recover. Your Wii basically has no operasting system and cannot be recovered using any normal software tools. I don't even think an Infectus could save you.

    This Wii is good only for the bin or return for repair now.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    ok i will go to sleep if i could if not i will watch some dvd

    and tomorrow i will take my wii to the vendนr see if he can do anything.

    Thank everyone.

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