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Thread: Overwhelmed by these 3...

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    Overwhelmed by these 3...

    There's backup launcher by Wiigator, there's is also a gamma version, and a Neogamma..
    Is Neogamma and gamma the same thing? I want the one with the most compability lists, and from what I've read it is Neogamma. Let me check if I got my information: Neogamma can play games via flashdrive, sd, dvd-r, and hd. This is where I get confused on which version to choose because it has so many versions. Now is the newest version R8 beta 17, and do you recommend it, or should I use the stable version?

    I have HC installed a year ago, and I've also installed Backup launcher Wiigator a month ago. My system is 4.1u, and I want to play games using dvd-r.
    Another question is the speed for burning. Some say choose lower while others say 4x. I want to be prepared for burning, so which is the recommended speed? Does it depend b/c the game, if it is, then which one should I choose for Super Mario games, Resident Evil games, and Pokemon?
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    I burn all my back ups to DVD-R at 2x and DVD+R at 2.4x.

    As for the disc loader why not install them all and try them out.

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    The burning guide says to use the "imgburn" application and burn at 1X to default to your DVD's lowest speed, that's what I do and the game usually works even though my DVD drive burns at 6.6X.

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    Thank you, guyz. I installed Neogamma, although I'm having a problem. At the moment, I'm using Neogamma beta 15; the beta 17 won't show up on HBC. I'm using beta 15 because I found a wad and a channel version, and this one works. Is RC1 the latest one? What's about this RC3 from this website NeoGamma R8 beta test - - what's new about it?


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