Once again, the M3 team is at it with a fresh update. M3 firmware v4.7g has been released.

DOWNLOAD - FileTrip - M3 Sakura + TouchPod for M3 Real... 1.45X 5th + 4.7gX - updated 2-23-10
The download includes M3 Sakura v1.45X 5th Edition (M21) + TouchPod v4.7gX (M64)
Thanks goes to Densetsu3000 for that package

Extract the system folder from the download and place it on your microSD card.

Change Log of 23-2-2010 4.7g x
1.Solve the problem of adding the soft-rest function for Game 4705,4708,4710,4721,4724
2.Solve the problem of adding the RTS function for Game 4699,4705,4707,4708,4712,4720,4721,4724,4726
3.Fix the compatibility of game 4354(Chinese),4704,4706,4707,4708,4712,4720,4721,4 723,4724

(game tested up to 4730)
Or, visit the M3DS/M3i Zero download page Download-HandHeldSources