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Thread: Okami, wii sports resort and mario galaxy black screen

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    Okami, wii sports resort and mario galaxy black screen

    So I have other back ups working on my hdd and via dvd, but for some reason okami, wii sports resort and galaxy wont play. ive installed the necessary ios files (i think) but its just those 3 that have the black screen. I'm on a 4.2j softmod wii using usb loader gx and neogamma and it play the other out of region games fine...any ideas what I should do?

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    what version of cios38 u using? For wii sports resort did you use the alt-dol method?

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    Im using cios38 r8 rev 18.... and i have not tried the alt-dol method XD can you point me in the right direction of how to do that? thanks!

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    Only enable alt-dol the 1st time you launch the game. After watching the motion plus instruction video, it'll go back to the wii menu. Reload your usb loader and turn off the alt-dol before running the game again.

    For other black screen problems you may refer to this link ->

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    Ill give those a spin! thanks for the help!

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    I have a similar problem to you, Using 4.2j soft modded. using neogamma R8B7. Most games work fine but Ntsc-U version of Okami and Call of duty just go to a black screen on start up.

    Did you get any answers, did anything work?


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    The previous advice still applies. Neo Gamma R8 final and the various R9 betas (which only have improved GC compatibility) can be obtained from here. You should also consult this thread.
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    Thankyou, I have tried the newer editions of Neogamma with no change. And thanks for the other link but I cant see anything which I havent already tried.

    No idea what the problem but cant be helped I guess

    Thanks for helping though!

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    Man, still no answers about this. I'm using both USB loader GX and Wiiflow, and nothing works at all. Change IOS to 222/223 and downloaded IOS 21 v514, the screen's still black. Is Okami one of those games (if there's any at all) you can't do anything about?


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