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Thread: Priiloader "Exception DSI occurred" Stack dump and code dump

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    Priiloader "Exception DSI occurred" Stack dump and code dump

    So, this Wii Eur came booting into that code screen saying "Exception DSI occurred" and all the dumps, but I can get to load it to priiloader holding reset, but, can't sync the control at all. Is using a game cube control the only way to resync my stuff and then attempt to fix the wii?

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    Alright got a gc joy with a friend and it seens to be "fixed". Thanks.

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    The wii is working just fine, just one thing, I can't get the newest games to run, no matter what. I have like 4 nsmb burned in different medias (from verbatim to ritek) none work, they all go green screen on neogamma (7 or 8 tried many revs.) then reboot the wii.

    Tried all softmod methods I knew, no success.

    Any idea? The older games work just fine. O.o

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    Modify any Wii 4.2 & below -

    Got it working using this updated guide. Thanks!


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