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Thread: Question about modchip for unbricking 4.2U

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    Us Question about modchip for unbricking 4.2U

    OK, So I suffered a brain fart and installed a bad wad. Now I am banner bricked; goes to black screen after warning screen. Bootmii is installed as an ios, but for some reason preloader will not start.

    I am able to to get into recovery mode using StartMiiFrii.

    My question is this. I use a USB loader to run all my games from an external hard drive. I am not interested in burning DVDs so the D3-2 region and backup disc issue is not a big one for me. Since I all likelihood I have a D3-2 drive, will a DriveKey at least allow me to autoboot a Wii Backup disk or some other unbrick disk?

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    If you are D3-2 then you can't boot backups, no matter what they are for. It's also unlikely that you'd be able to boot any useful unbrick disk on 4.2 anyway, even with a modchip, unless you patched your IOS70.

    Installing a bad Wad wouldn't normally cause Preloader to stop coming up, so the reset button thing should work. You might like to try a hard power off, leave it for some minutes and try again.

    You can also try maintenance mode, start the Wii, at the Health and Safety screen, press and hold - and + and tap A button a few times, you may get into the Wii menu and have the ability to load Wad manager.

    What was the bad wad you installed?
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    I was using LoadStructor to create install some channel wads linking to my USB Hard Drive. I think the bad wad was for Mario Strikers Charged. The torrent I downloaded was apparently PAL that was patched to NTSC. In any event, the Wii is seemingly hard bricked so off to Nintendo it goes. I went and bought another one which is softmodded and working well. No more channel wads! I'll give the repaired one to my granddaughter when I get it back. Thanks for your help.



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