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Thread: CrazyintroPOCVideo problem/Question

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    CrazyintroPOCVideo problem/Question

    OK I have made a video to go as my health screen and I have gotten everything to work so far but now I am stuck on the Config File. I am trying to set it up where, when I press the A button it loads USBloader and when I press the B it loads the regular system menu.

    My problem is that I cant figure out what is the context for doing so. I can map it to my Up, Down, Left, and right buttons but in the example config file it has nothing of the A or B buttons. I tried using
    <AButtonLaunches title_id="ULNR" title_name="Usbloader" />
    but that just gives me a code dump.

    The old way in non video version of crazyintro was in the title part put:
    <Title id="ULNR" title_type="1" title_id="ULNR" title_name="USBLoader" />
    then in the shortcuts part put:
    <Shortcut button="A" launches="ULNR"/>

    ...or something like that but I cant get it to work either.

    I know I could just use the up down buttons but most people press the A button automatically and it would totally defeat the purpose. I want it to load into usbloader with the A button or auto boot, not the system menu.

    I know its possible with regular crazyintro.

    And before I even ask my question I know there is not alot of people on this forum that like crazyintro because of the bricking factor, and I know not alot of people use it, but keeping that in mind:

    My question/questions are:

    a.) Is there anyone that knows the answer to how I can do this?


    b.) Is there a way to use a video in Crazyintro without using the poc version?


    c.) Is there another program/plugin that I can use to load a VIDEO at the startup then go into a specific file that is not the system menu? IE: USBLoader


    d.) Is there any other solution out there that would help me reach my goal?

    Thank you in advance.

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