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Thread: Do I have my WiiClip soldered correctly?!?

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    Do I have my WiiClip soldered correctly?!?

    Can you tell by these photos if my soldering job is done okay? I've never soldered before and my chip is not working, so I think it could be this or maybe a media problem?? I have tried 2 games, one burned on TDK +R DL, and one on Fujifilm -R. Neither have worked through the disk channel or using GeckoOS. I really appreciate any help you can give me. I was so excited to get this chip and now no copies will work!!
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    I have two more pics, but can't get them to upload right now. I will try again soon.

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    What version is your wii? If it is not a D2C and a DMS/D2A/D2B, you must cut part of the clip to disconnect other connections/points that the non d2c wiis don't need.

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    It is a D2C wii.
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    I found out that my solder job is working! A nice maintenance man tested my connection with his voltmeter(?) and it worked! So now I am thinking it must be media?? I have tried TDK +R DL and Fujifilm -R. I read somewhere the Fujifilms are Riteks other "brand", so I thought they'd be okay. I am using a Mac with a LaCie burner, which burns movie DVDs that work in my DVD player. I have some Verbatim +R DL on the way. I hope they work!

    Tried an original again. This time, it showed up on the disc channel, but when I clicked "Start", it gave me a disc error message. Is there something wrong with my DVD drive?? I'm scared.
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    Nothing is wrong with your drive. I think something may be up with the connections of the chip to the wiiclip. Where abouts are you? We can have a look at it for free.

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    Wow, that would be awesome!! I am in Montana though, so I doubt that there is anybody anywhere near me that could help. The seller told me it my be the pins, so I tried to bend them slightly to ensure a good connection, but it's still not working. Any other ideas??

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    katie what you have to do now is request a RMA and return them to get new set. WiiClip pins are pretty fragile. If it doesn't work the first time you clip it on. Tough luck getting it to work again because when you take out the clip you might have break some pins in there. My best advice for you is to tell the seller that you got a defective set so they would send you new one. If possible ask them to do all the solder work for you. And if I'm not mistaken that is a D2CKey mod chip? Why do you have all those wires soldered on? I don't think it's nescessary. And my last advice is did you remember to do the region jumper? Sometime if you don't bridge the region it won't read anything at all.


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