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Thread: MoonShell v2.10 stable is released

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    MoonShell v2.10 stable is released

    Moonshell v2.10 was released a few days ago. I couldn't find a change log. Oh well, here it is.

    Download - FileTrip - MoonShell 2.10 Stable (Full Package)
    Source - MoonShell version 2.10 stable

    I found some information on moonshell2, look here

    * Download MoonShell v2.10 either as a 38.3MB .exe or 64.7MB .zip file and extract it to your computer.
    * Copy the folder 'moonshl2' to the root of your card
    * Copy moonshl2.nds anywhere on your card. (CycloDS users)
    * Run Moonshell2 from the Apps menu of your card.
    * When you first run Moonshell it will ask you to confirm which language you wish to use, for English scroll up and select "CP000: ENG/English"
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