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Thread: Wii Modding Service in the UK

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    Wii Modding Service in the UK

    I am looking for someone to do the dirty on my Wii!

    Preferably in Shrewsbury, UK. May consider travelling for a "while you wait" service.

    Can anyone help me?

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    try they do it if u post it then post it back.

    i have contacted these guys several times querying them about modding the wii myself. in the end i put a d2ckey with wiiclip in myself. and have had no problems even tho i did it myself

    hope this helps

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    Chipping Nintendo Wii

    guy in oldham, did job.... 100 quid though

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    you can drive up and he will do it while you wait....bit of a drive from shrewsbury..

    60 miles, so three hour round trip plus hour waiting time for yur wii

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    check yur serial number against the site I gave you above to check what chip you need

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    watch these two video tutorials on this thread

    it persuaded me to have a go myself and it was easy!

    i bought my d2pro9 from which is an official reseller, cheaper than the other resellers i looked at and comes with the essential tri-wing screwdriver free. after doing it i was glad not to have paid for someone else to, as this method is not skilled at all, just requires patience and those two great videos from canadamods

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    Thanks for all your help.

    I have now found someone that is supplying and fitting a D2Pro e and posting back to me via Royal Mail Special Delivery for 55, (they are also chucking in 3 games.)

    Posted out my Wii on Monday and should have my Wii back on Thursday.


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