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Thread: Nothing for sale

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    Us Nothing for sale

    I've got nothing legal to sell, I'm so sorry.

    I'm one of these.
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    I'm surprised this post made it this long, you cant sell pirated games here at wiihacks.

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    I just posted it like 20 minutes ago

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    Sorry it's against forum rules to sell illegal games, now considering you didn't take Stomp's advice and edit your post I am going to infract you and edit your post. Sorry about that.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    I like that....thanks for editing...that's a cool pic!!

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    where would anyone PAY for illegal games when its sooooo easy to download them yourself

    its like when you go to the markets and you see them people selling dvdrips too the noobs.... i get so mad i feel like slaping them up the side of the head and sticking a pirate bay sticker to their face or takeing a pen and writeing "aXXo" and "FXG" all over their FAKE dvds... i got nothing against illegal media i just dont like people paying for it when its so easy to get it for free themselfs....... thank god for the torrent

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    4 month bump and..... Closed. Thanks for playing.

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    4 month bump and..... Closed. Thanks for playing.


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