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Thread: Wii modding guide from A to Z?

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    Question Wii modding guide from A to Z?

    Hey guys I am looking for a guide that lets me know what I should do from the beginning to end in the Wii modding process. What I am interested in is when or if I should flash the modchip with updated firmware, if I should update the Wii version, what to do right after installing the chip, etc. I know there are a lot of videos and tutorials out there for installing the chip and doing most of these tasks individually but I would like to have a comprehensive guide from start to end.

    I modded my xbox many years ago and found that to be very simple thanks to a guide (iceguide for the xenium ice chip) with all the instructions in it. If there is a similar guide for the Wii that I am missing please let me know.

    Serial #: LU3243XXXXX
    Mod Chip: D2Pro9 rev 3 + WiiClip V4C-3 presoldered
    (I could have done a solder job but I thought this would be easier)

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    well u found the right place....

    it's all here...

    try search

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    I too am looking for a complete A to Z guide I myself am jsut mroe concerned with once I install my chip will future wii updates render it useless or brick the wii

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    Basically the first step is deciding if you want to try to do the install or send your wii to someone else, look for threads on this. Then you have to decide what chip to get. There are lots of threads on this topic too. Keep in mind, some chips require serious soldering, while some can be installed without soldering.

    In order to ensure that the modchip will fit your wii, you have to use the serial number and find the model type (i.e. D2C). Sorry, I don't remember the site, but you can find it by googling (as with most things).

    After your wii is modded (has a modchip installed), then you simply burn .iso files (ripped from your games) to dvds and play them.

    As far as updates are concerned, you should definitely check here before you update the wii. I know the 3.3u firmware is causing some problems, so you might want to research that if you're already updated to it.

    Unfortunately it's pretty hard to give a more comprehensive guide because of all the different kinds of chips and installs. Once you know what chip you have, you can find more specific information.

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    the above is part of what you want.....

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    Hey guys thanks for the input. I have successfully modded my Wii with the help from this forum.

    Hey does anyone have recommendations on what the best type of media is for burning backups? I have HP DVD-R and they seem to be hit or miss so if you have a good brand that works consistently let me know.

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    Verbatim DVD-R is what most people recommend, although people have ahd success with Sony, TDK and others.

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    Yeah, after doing some research in the burning section of the forums I decided to try some Taiyo Yuden DVD-R. I ordered a small quantity to try out and decide if they are consistent. I'll give a quick review when I get a chance.

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