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Thread: Drivekey 2.0,Wii with 4.2U...WTF?

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    Exclamation Drivekey 2.0,Wii with 4.2U...WTF?

    I have read alot of the info before posting here,and quite frankly,my mind is a jellied mush bowl over it.I did plenty of research before buying the DriveKey 2 last week,and it was to my understanding that the DriveKey 2.0 would work on EVERY Wii.I bought the Wii about 5 weeks ago and did the update to 4.2U,which is currently what it's running.Do I need to somehow regress to an earlier version?And,also,I installed HBC,but can't seem to put NeoGamma on it.How do I now approach getting this machine to play backup copies?Should I look more to a complete softmod?and is my new DriveKey worthless...sssooo many options...I just don't know where to start.Thanks for any help that you guys could lend to a confused mind.

    Burning ISO files at 2x on Verbatim DVD-R using ImageBurn,properly installed and functioning DriveKey 2.0,installed HBC but can't find a way to install NeoGamma.Installed DVDX....what direction do I seek?

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    Sorry to tell you this but if your wii is only a few weeks old you probably have the newest dvd drive that is unable to play dvd-r backups. Also 4.2u makes it so drivekey cant play imports anymore as well. Only thing you can do is replace the dvd drive with an older one or softmod your wii and use a usb loader. I would highly recommend this route as it is SO MUCH EASIER than burning backups.

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    ok first off, no, the drivekey does not work on all wiis. the newest version they sell comes with a dvd drive that does not play copied dvds. therefore your drivekey is useless. so how do you figure out which one you have? enter your serial number here

    if your dvd drive ends up being a GC2-D3-2, then you got a the problem one

    and yes 4.2u will kill your ability to play imports

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    Your options if you do have the new d3-2 drive are to replace the drive and use your new drivekey or to replace the chip board on the drive(cheaper,but requires a few solder points)and use the new drivekey.You could also softmod and sounds like you already tried.I would go over the tutorial on the 4.2 softmod and see if you missed something.I hope you did not update after your softmod,cause that would be bad.anyway hope this helps.

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    Exclamation OK,what about a Wii with 3.4?

    OK,I have found a friend to trade me with a Wii that's about 1 and 1/2 years old,has NEVER been updated/softmodded/hardmodded/or HBC'd.This is a "virgin" Wii system.Will my DriveKey 2.0 play backups in this unit?And if so,should I ever allow it to update?Is there a list of games that I won't be able to play in it because it will demand an update,and if it does,is it ok to let it update on an older Wii as long as I have the DriveKey 2.0,or will I still need to softmod as well?
    Again,folks,thanks a million for any help you can give.I've been an FTAer for a long time and am experienced when it comes to modding stuff,but this Wii has got me boggled.I just want my kids to be able to play their backups of a few sports/family games as we really enjoy playing together,but don't enjoy the part where we have to keep buying copies of the same games.Any help or advice that I could offer as a novice,I will freely give.


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