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Thread: D3-2 question

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    D3-2 question

    Hello everyone. I have softmodded 7 or 8 Wiis but the one I am doing now i get the disk read erroor in NeoGamma, DVD Read Error (1051). I believe that the problem is that it has the D3-2 chip in it but i am not totally sure, this just seems like the logical problem. The Serial No. is LU73837077, when I looked it up on the Wii Drive Chip Database this is the results that i got,
    * There is a 25% chance the chipset is GC2-D3-2 (v2) with no drive chip.
    * And there is also a 25% chance the chipset is Combined GC2-D3 with no drive chip.
    * And a 25% chance the chipset is GC2R-D2A.
    * Lastly, a 25% chance the chipset is GC2-D2C (v1).

    Now I hate to sound dumb but I am not sure if this means that it does or does not have the D3-2 (because it says with no drive chip) I would like to thank any and all comments.

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    try searching the error index here on this site you might find your answer there if not try a burned off game that you knows works in another wii or try a usb hard drive or flash drive

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    I will check out the error index when I get home from work. All the games I have tried work on my personal Wii that has been soft modded and when I hook up my hard drive to it it loads and plays just fine. Thanks

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    If a particular disk will work in one wii and not in the one in question, and is giving that particular error. It is a good bet that it probably has the chip. Other things that have been known to cause this error are dirty/scratched disks as well as a dirty lens of the drive in question.
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    * There is a 25% chance the chipset is GC2-D3-2 (v2) with no drive chip.

    inplies just that, you have a 25% chance that you have the chip. If you burn more than one game and they all shoot the error at you then unfortunately you have the D3-2 chip.

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