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Thread: continued usb loader gx game issues...thnx!

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    Question continued usb loader gx game issues...thnx!

    hi everyone, this is my first post cause i really haven't had to ask many question cause all the tutorials are so great... so i softmodded my 4.2u running cios249rev14. everything works fine except....

    i have a problem with usb loader gx, i constantly have 1 game that freezes/ crashes my wii. i select the game i loads to the warning screen about using the strap on the wiimote and then goes to a black screen and freezes. i uninstall the game and reinstall the game and then it works fine but then just 1 other game will not work same thing it loads to warning screen about wiimote strap then black screen. the freeze bounces around from game to game on my drive if i reinstall the bad game i have done this several times. right now its nfs-carbon that wont work i havent uninstalled/installed because i dont really play that game and i dont want one of my other game to go out of whack. anyone ever have the same issue, any idea.

    also out of topic but i have my drive formated to wfbs for usb loader does wiiflow recognize wfbs partiotion or only fat 32 partitions. thanks again

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    Probably a bad partition on the Disk or sth like that...

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    thnx for the reply, would not all my games not work if it was a bad partition and why does the problem move to a different game if i reinstall broken game.

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    hi wiither
    i had same problem with usb loader gx on 4.2e i installed wiiflow on a separate fat32 partition on my usb hdd along side the wfbs partition
    works 100% so far, 40+games on a 80gig old laptop drive, you can even slap a disc in and install the game using wiiflow to the hdd to backup
    your games or even make an iso to store on your pc. also some games are less than a gig on the wfbs drive like the new mario game not 4+gigs as a iso download and install the full version from wiiflow follow the simple install guide. happy days.

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    Maybe there is not enough free space on your USB drive.

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    could be not compatible hdd or corrupt boot.dol try another rev!!
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    thanks for the help again, i got over 200gb free on a wd passport essential, which i checked for compatibility before i bought it. im going to try ripping using wiiflow but i got to back up by back ups so i can reformat my drive from the wfbs to fat 32 which seems like a chore.


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