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Thread: Gaming with 2 psps on same router..???? Help!!!!

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    Gaming with 2 psps on same router..???? Help!!!!

    Can anyone help me with this problem, i have two sony psp's and want to game online against each other, but because they are both connecting to the same network it wont allow one of them to join? does anyone know how i can set it up so both can play i assume it is using the isp ip address and cant allow two devices to join on same ip??

    doing my head in this now... arghhh... hopefully some smart ass will know how to resolve this..
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    First of all the first psp must launch the game and enter multiplayer mode in the game. The second one does not enter the game. Instead got o game menu (I said menu like the music menu, do not launch the game). There you will see multiplayer gaming or something like that. Choose it. Eventually they will find each other and the one with game launched will send the game to the one with no game launched.
    P.S I never tried it but it should work that way if not please tell me.

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    Nope that didnt work.. there is no multiplayer in there only delete and info and internet.. i have managed to get them working on army of two 40th day but i want to get them working on need for speed games.. shift (nope) and pro street (nope)... ad hoc is how i got army of two to work.. stupid how one game does but others dont..
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    unless you don't have your router set to DHCP (this mode automatically gives local address to all connected devices, and updates constantly) then I don't its an IP conflict, could it be the range of your router?

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    Could be the maximum number of clients you allow to connect to your network in your router setup.
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