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Thread: no signal to tv when i turn on wii aarrrrgggghh

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    no signal to tv when i turn on wii aarrrrgggghh

    please help, i installed hbc through load mii, then used downgraderios35.
    installed ios35 with wad manager 1.4,installed ciosv7, installed ios46 and hbc.wad.
    exited and set up wifi but did not do update, then installed ios60 patched.
    i then ran cios rev10 and did a network install. it finished installation then froze.
    i turned power off after waiting 5 mins and now when i turn wii on nothing comes on the screen just get no signal to tv remotes flash instead of connecting. help please.

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    did you have bootmii as boot2 ? (if you turn on the does the drive flashes 2x ? ) or as ios ? or not at all ?
    and how about pre-loader/priiloader ?

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    IOS46? Is this a Korean Wii you are messing with?
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.


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