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Thread: Wii will not establish internet connection tried everything on 3 different router.

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    No internet connection after softmod. How can I fix it?

    Hi guys,

    im going crazy getting the wii online. Tried everything.

    EDIT (new expertise): Look at the 3rd post.

    Wii -> New one (2009/2010) 4.2E softmodded
    Location -> Germany
    Provider/Internet -> Cable Modem
    Routers -> Fritz!Box 7050, Netgear WGR614v7, D-Link DI-524 (all with latest and other firmwares)
    DHCP -> on & off (with manual setting IP, Subnet, Gateway and DNS while off)
    W-Lan Mode b & g & b/g
    Channel -> 1-11
    MAC-Filter -> on & off (with Wii-Mac integrated if on)
    Firewall -> on & off
    Setting the WII -> automatic & manual (Wii will find routers SSID)
    Wii MTU -> 0 (automatic) & 1500 (for my cable provider)
    Security -> OPEN & WEP & WPA-TKIP & WPA2-AES
    ERRORS -> 32131, 32132 and others but these say no internet connection

    Even tried 2 router same time (one using the internet connection of the 2nd), same issues.
    Wii connects to router and disconnects seconds later (router log).

    Im a technican computer scientist and well versed with networks.

    So whats wrong, what can i do/try. First 2 of the router work fine for other users.
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    DHCP -> on
    W-Lan Mode-> b & g
    Channel -> 11
    MAC-Filter -> off
    Firewall -> on
    Setting the WII -> automatic & manual (Wii will find routers SSID)
    Wii MTU -> 0 (automatic) & 1500 (for my cable provider)
    Security -> OPEN & WEP & WPA-TKIP & WPA2-AES
    ERRORS -> 32131, 32132 and others but these say no internet connection

    try those settings on your router....

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    Thank you, but like I wrote before I tried every possible setting listed above. BUT....I found out sth.

    I softmodded 2 Wiis. Tried anything possible to connect. Both of them...nothing but errors. Ok a few days ago I virginized 1 of them. And now...sit down. I tried to connect the virginized and ... bahm ... first try ... online. And thats with the router I thought it is not compatible. seems like the softmod is responsible for that.

    Softmod tut I used (german..but with images): Click

    Where are the necessary parts for W-Lan located? System menu? Or anywhere else? I would prefer to repair than to virginize and using a new softmod. If thats not possible which tut would u recommend (including cfg-loader because nearly every game works fine)?

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    no one can help?

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    Don't know what your talking about. The softmod guides are in the guides section of the forum, not a secret place somewhere. It should not have any effect on your wifi, if it does you have done something seriously wrong.
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    oddgriffin, thx for your reply. i know where to find guides & software, anyway.

    my question is, where the wii-wlan-adapter driver and/or connection software is located (in wii memory) because after a softmod from a german site it is impossible to get a wlan/internet connection. everything else works like a charm. so maybe its enough to change an ios or sth. else. i only need to know...yes you can try to change/install bla bla bla....or no you have to virginize and use a tut and softmod from wiihacks because i`m not a coder and in effect don`t know that. there is nothing inscrutable in my post and no...i did nothing wrong...maybe used the wrong softmod (on 2 wiis, same thing like i wote before).

    i still have the hope for an answer to my question.

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    did u softmod a wii with region changed ?
    apply AnyRegionChanger to check the eula; and 'make' it to fit ur region after softmod.
    i guess u're ok with the wireless router; nothing unusual.

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