I have softmodded around 20 Wii's all using menu 4.1E with Rev 14 cIOSCORP 3.6 Backup Launcher 8 preloader .29 all have no problems bar one. The thing that is strange is that it plays all the older games ie Mariokart olympics etc etc but not the newer ones i.e. Just Dance Fifa 10 Tiger Woods 2010 NSMB. I have even tried running Trucha bug again and installed Rev 17 but with no luck. I have even updated again to 4.1E. None of them will play in either Backup or Disc loader yet they play fine in the other Wii's. They start to load and crash after the safety strap warning screen and give me the "The disc could not be read". It is not my media because it works in all the other Wii's.